Table and Chair Rentals Near Me in New York

Table and Chair Rentals Near Me in New York

Table and chair rentals are an indispensable element in organizing events of all kinds – be they intimate backyard gatherings, grand scale tented weddings, banquets, galas, brand activations events, sweet 16’s, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers, or film/TV productions. Rental tables and chairs come in all shapes and sizes to meet all seating needs for these occasions.


Chairs are pieces of furniture designed for people to sit on. They can be found everywhere, from dining tables, offices, conference room tables, and home entertainment centers – even being part of their design! There are various kinds of chairs on the market today, each with its unique characteristics.

Whether you prefer contemporary or classic chairs, your choices are limitless. From basic wooden folding chairs to intricately carved leather chaise lounges – and everything in between! Some stores also provide other forms of seating, such as sofas, benches, and stools, in addition to offering such selections of chairs.

If you are shopping online, inquire about a retailer’s return policy so that if it proves uncomfortable or does not match your decor, you can return the chair quickly.

Alongside a good return policy, it’s also essential to consider the quality of the chair. Most modern chairs use solid yet comfortable materials; however, some cheaper chairs may break more easily or squeak louder.

If you host a special event, table and chair rentals offer the ideal seating solution. From wedding receptions and baby showers to business meetings and film/TV production, renting tables and chairs will create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests – choose from an assortment of styles and sizes to fit any space!

Table Linens

Table linens add elegance and style to any event. Our table linen rental selection ranges from floor-length round and rectangle tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and overlays – everything needed for creating the ideal atmosphere at any venue or theme – to floor-length round tablecloths in classic white or vibrant colors that are sure to make the right atmosphere at any location.

Our New York linen rental company offers an assortment of fabrics, colors, and textures that meet every budget – from small-budget events to extravagant gala extravaganzas. In addition, we can provide full decorator setup and take-down services to save you time on event day.

If you want a tailored look for your event, our sewing production department can customize any linen rental from our inventory to your specifications. Choose from luxury specialty linen, napkins, elegant overlays, shantung, or dupioni fabrics – there will surely be something perfect to match the theme or venue! With locations spanning Buffalo-Rochester-New York City, and beyond, we offer the largest selection in Western and Central New York.

Lola Valentina has revolutionized OK linen rentals by providing access to original designs and fully customized options for table linen rentals, making it easier than ever before to dress up tables in style without breaking the bank. Plus, our team is here to assist with creating tablescapes that will wow guests. Contact us now – you won’t regret it.

Chair Covers

Chair covers effectively add color and texture to plain chairs while protecting them from spills, stains, and wear. Constructed from lightweight fabrics like polyester, cotton, or lace for ultimate protection, they come in various styles and colors to fit into any decor scheme. You’ll find banquet chair covers and those explicitly made for Chiavari chairs – some plain while others feature decorative bands or sashes attached for an elegant finish. You could embellish them further by attaching rhinestone clips, bows, or brooches to give these covers even more sophistication!

Chair covers can quickly transform an unattractive chair into something elegant for your guests to sit upon at an affordable cost. They’re an easy and cost-effective way to change the style of any room without altering furniture pieces themselves – or use one as part of your casual setting using throws or blankets on chairs for an even more significant impact!

Standard chair covers are made of polyester and designed to slip over both the back and seat of a chair, with seams on both the heart and crown of the backrest for easy ironing or steaming of any wrinkles that occur. If you prefer something more formal, satin chair covers offer additional sophistication and can add class to any occasion. However, they require more effort in setup than polyester covers while additionally taking time and ironing/steaming to achieve a crisp look – worth investing extra effort for that special event!

Spandex stretch chair covers are ideal for weddings as they can accommodate formal and casual events, come in various colors, and are easily cleaned afterward. Furthermore, their affordability makes them an excellent choice for brides on a tight budget as they can be bought in bulk – perfect for destination weddings, too.

Styling chairs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating them. You have several options when it comes to styling them: you could add sashes, bands, and curly willow chair caps for a more elegant appearance; alternatively, you could have custom-made chair covers made with embroidery or patterns explicitly tailored to match the theme of your event.