Wildology Dog Food Reviews

Wildology Dog Food Reviews

Wildology dog food recipes balance essential proteins, fruits, and vegetables to meet their dietary needs.

It also contains a guaranteed live probiotic blend with superfoods such as kale, chia seeds, pumpkin, and blueberries to maintain good bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract and support overall gut health.


Wildology Dog Food recipes combine meat and fish proteins as protein sources. Their protein sources include chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon as protein sources. Furthermore, plant-based ingredients such as dried beet pulp, dried chicory root powder, kale, pumpkins, oranges, and blueberries add essential nutrition to their food, providing fiber that aids digestion.

As for meat-based ingredients in their food, the company uses predominantly chicken, chicken meal, and fat as energy sources for dogs. Salmon oil and flaxseed also enhance the omega-3 content of their product offerings.

Wildology offers eight unique recipes tailored for dogs of all ages and sizes. Their recipes consider breed size and activity level – they have puppies’ meals, large breed foods, small breed recipes, and an ultra-active dog option!

Wildology recipes contain a blend of meats and grains, but none are grain-free, making this food suitable for dogs who can tolerate such products. As it remains a relatively new pet food brand, no recalls have occurred with Wildology.


Wildology offers several recipes explicitly tailored for breed sizes and life stages, while their vast library offers something suitable for almost every dog. Their offerings tend to contain higher than usual amounts of protein and fat, which makes them excellent choices for active canines that need to maintain energy levels.

Hike Wildology provides farm-raised chicken as its primary meat source and nutrient-rich superfoods, fruits, and vegetables as fuel.

These foods also include other animal proteins, including beef and turkey meals. While these sources of additional protein can provide extra nutrition, their nutritional value tends to be less significant compared to chicken or fish proteins; furthermore, these sources may lead to allergies for some dogs, so they may not be ideal options for all pets.

Food products contain several plant-based ingredients, such as sunflower seeds, safflower oil, peas, chicory root extract, and dried bacterial fermentation products derived from chicory roots. While these may provide extra vitamins and minerals, they’re unlikely to offer much in terms of essential fatty acids.


Wildology brand provides dogs with essential vitamins and minerals from vegetables in its recipes. Furthermore, vegetables provide fiber content, boosting protein intake without adding more meat- or fish-based ingredients to an already-filling meal.

Chase is one of the brand’s best-selling formulas, boasting a high proportion of both protein and fat thanks to the inclusion of three core meat ingredients – chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal – providing your canine with ample sources of protein while salmon oil and chicken fat provide additional lipid sources.

Hike is another top seller from this brand and is designed to give puppies the energy they need for healthy development. Packed full of proteins and nutrients sourced from farm-raised chicken and brown rice and antioxidant-rich Kale, Pumpkin, Chia Seeds, and Blueberries to support your dog’s antioxidant requirements, this delicious food helps them thrive!

Wildology offers an assortment of dry and wet food suitable for different breeds and life stages, boasting higher-than-average protein and fat contents with reduced carbohydrates; additionally, their recipes contain fruits and vegetables with an abundance of essential nutrients – an impressive feat given they are newcomers to the pet food market! With no recalls reported yet!

Other Ingredients

Wildology pet foods contain essential vitamins and probiotics to promote your animal’s overall health and immunity, including high-protein foods with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains – suitable for puppies, large breed dogs, and active pets alike. Their range of recipes caters specifically to their specific needs – offering options explicitly tailored for puppy diets or more extensive breed dog diets as well as active pets.

Wildology dog food contains high-grade ingredients sourced ethically to maintain an optimal nutritional profile and includes as few filler ingredients as possible.

Wildology pet foods contain numerous plant-based ingredients like dried beet pulp, chicory root, kale, pumpkin, and blueberries in small quantities to provide essential vitamins and antioxidants to their food, creating an all-around nutritious experience for their pets. Some recipes even incorporate flaxseed as a critical source of omega-3 and six fatty acids – adding even more variety and nutrition!

Some foods contain high concentrations of soluble fiber to aid digestion while also being fortified with many essential vitamins and minerals such as E, B12, D3, and folic acid – some even include chelated minerals that are easier for their bodies to absorb. WildologyTM SuperlifeTM PRO is a new line of nutritious pet food.