The ButterflyMX App Makes Accessing

The ButterflyMX App Makes Accessing Your Building Easier

Once Butterfly’s intelligent intercom system, keypad, elevator controls, or package room have been installed in your building, residents and visitors can gain entry using their smartphones. Their mobile app provides video calling, virtual keys, delivery PINs, and remote access – making life simpler for everyone involved.

Virtual keys are QR & PIN codes that residents can give to guests (like friends and service providers ) so they can enter their building quickly. Virtual keys can be created, deleted, and monitored via the app easily.

Swipe to Open

As you juggle four bags of groceries and a coffee cup, the last thing you want to worry about is finding your keys or fob. But with ButterflyMX’s Swipe to Open feature, opening doors or gates is now easier than ever with just one swipe on any device – perfect for last-minute shoppers and visitors to your house alike! Works across devices, too, so you can see who is at the door before letting them in!

This feature is ideal for busy lifestyles where answering an intercom is time consuming; yet they still want to grant visitors access. Residents and guests can use their smartphones to answer video calls, unlock doors remotely, give managed access for deliveries, maintenance workers and service providers, and track all entries with date/time stamps for review in their app or property management dashboard.

Once a resident adds their visitor to their STRATIS account, they will receive an email to activate their BMX app and access their Visitor Pass to show to the BMX panel for entry. They may also use Haptic Touch technology – Apple’s 3D Touch gives users a tactile feel as though they were touching their screen even when carrying their phone in their pocket or purse – to open doors or gates using tap on phones using Haptic Touch! This technology creates a tactile sensation as though physically touching their screen was physically touching their device while carrying their phone pocket when opening doorways. Haptic Touch gives users a tactile feeling as they connect it while taking a phone in a pocket purse or bag. When activating, Haptic Touch technology gives users tactile sensation as though handling screen devices are pocketed or pursed when in a pocket or pursed!

ButterflyMX’s app lets residents and guests access automatic doors or gates via PINs. For instance, if your dog walker stops by Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 PM, you could set a scheduled door PIN opening so she is never late for spin class! Plus, Siri or Alexa integration makes opening the app even simpler so visitors, neighbors, or other residents can gain entry without needing to take out their phone themselves, simplifying lifestyle while significantly cutting down missed visitors, maintenance requests, and property maintenance costs!

Haptic Touch

ButterflyMX stands apart from traditional intercom systems by offering residents and guests easy access to doors and gates through one tap on their smartphone. Plus, with “Swipe-to-Open” Siri and Alexa integrations, they can even open doors even when they forget keys or do not have a cell signal (no one can answer calls in the rain!).

ButterflyMX uses a mobile app and built-in video camera to give visitors an easy way to contact a tenant without needing to ring the unit bell or leave a message while simultaneously enabling tenants to answer visitor calls from their phones without needing guest codes or keypad entries. This facilitates better communication among residents and visitors while giving apartment complexes a modern edge.

ButterflyMX offers many features beyond Swipe to Open that automate gate entry, such as virtual keys like QR codes or PINs that enable residents to create virtual keys used for delivery drivers to automatically enter buildings without calling residents for access – saving both parties both time and effort while being more eco-friendly than traditional keypads.

ButterflyMX stands out from its competition with Haptic Touch – an innovative technology allowing users to unlock locks by tapping their phone screen. It is ideal for apartment residents or visitors concerned about privacy issues. Currently, Haptic Touch only supports iPhone and Apple Watch models; however, ButterflyMX promises that additional devices may soon be supported in future releases.

ButterflyMX offers a physical concierge station with a full-duplex handset and a 7.0-inch touchscreen for residents and guests to make and receive calls. This can be particularly helpful if your property does not have reliable internet connections or you prefer using dedicated hardware stations instead. However, AL1002 requires 24-volt AC power outlets near its intercom and a UPS power source as it runs off Windows-based computers.

Virtual Keys

ButterflyMX stands apart from traditional intercom systems by eliminating building wiring and in-unit hardware, offering residents easy video chat with visitors at the door, virtual key access through delivery PINs or delivery PINs, and remote opening of key-fobbed elevators – plus access control across multiple devices! Additionally, it can connect directly with PMS systems or PropTech services within an apartment building.

Residents can create and distribute virtual keys for managed access that can be revoked using this app. They can set their preferred activation intervals and custom durations and schedule both one-off and recurring keys; for instance, they could send one out for use during dog walking sessions on Thursdays from 12:20 to 2:20.

One cool feature is activating keys using voice control with Siri or Alexa, making life much simpler for residents whose hands may be dirty when picking up their phone and in an emergency when access is necessary quickly.

ButterflyMX requires users to have their devices use this feature and open up the mobile app on their phone before swiping their smartphone on its screen to grant access. This requires more steps than Avigilon Alta’s Wave to Unlock feature, which gives access with just a quick movement of hand or phone.

ButterflyMX mobile app also enables tenants, service providers, and couriers to view entries made by tenants, service providers, and couriers with date- and time-stamped photos in the property management dashboard. This can ensure all visitors and deliveries are checked by tenants before being recorded for suspicious activities – critical in multifamily homes where keeping track of who has access is difficult – this can now easily be maintained thanks to ButterflyMX. Furthermore, saving resources will also be achieved.

Remote Access

ButterflyMX is the first intelligent video intercom system that enables residents to open their doors from a smartphone, making life simpler for students and commercial and gated communities. Installed in over 10,000 buildings worldwide – such as student housing complexes, retail businesses, and gated communities – ButterflyMX features mobile access management, resident management audit trail notifications, no wiring, and powerful integrations, among other features that make its intelligent design revolutionary.

Once a ButterflyMX intercom, keypad, elevator control, or package room has been installed in your building, the free app provides the means for managing and operating it from your phone. See who is at the door and speak with them before letting them in using virtual keys, delivery PINs, or swipes; time- and date-stamped logs of all entries can be reviewed within both apps simultaneously.

With Remote Access, residents can also grant access to friends or service providers without smartphone devices. Send a QR or PIN code through the ButterflyMX app for them to use when it suits them, even when no one is home. Furthermore, access within their Resident profile can be set for an agreed-upon duration.

As a property manager, you can utilize the Remote Access feature to provide your staff access to enter the building, package room, or elevators. Furthermore, this feature can allow vendors and guests to obtain temporary access codes for events hosted at your venue by creating accounts in the ButterflyMX app that grant them quick codes to enter the doorway.

If a resident’s phone number changes, they must update it in both ButterflyMX and STRATIS (if they’re customers of both services) to keep access. They may also require downloading these applications again. If access needs to be removed for someone, contact our customer support team – they’ll do what needs to be done for you.