The 1derful Food Park in Oskaloosa

The 1derful Food Park in Oskaloosa

OSKALOOSA — Foodies in east Montgomery County can now broaden their palate without leaving town, thanks to an expansion of Porter’s Food Zone at 23242 FM 1314 to include Grand Texas as part of its services.

Joo Seok Baek of Richland is creating an innovative food park mall in Kennewick with seven kitchens. One will house 1Derful Korean BBQ; space will also be available for six other dining establishments or options.

1. 1Derful K-BBQ

1derful K-BBQ offers an unparalleled culinary journey into Korean cuisine. Offering delectable fried chicken and meat-rice bowl dishes alongside an impressive variety of sides, it provides an ideal place for families and friends to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or any special event.

Food Park of Korea will resemble an outdoor mall, but instead of stores, it will contain various restaurants. Covering an area of 30,000 square feet, the complex will include seven walk-up order window-style restaurants and an interconnected patio area – with one kitchen run by Baek serving Korean BBQ fried chicken dishes while six more remain available for other dining options when the park opens this fall.

1derful is also looking for restaurant owners, wine bar operators, tasting rooms, coffee shops,, soft-serve ice cream, or yogurt shops to fill any vacancies in its food park. This space will feature shared indoor/outdoor seating, restrooms, and cross-street parking – perfect for small businesses!

2. Merida’s

Merida’s offers an eclectic menu combining Texas Mexican and Yucatan Mexican specialties. In its Yucatan section, Cochinita Pibil (pulled pork marinated in citrus juices and herbs then spiced up with an anatto powder native to Yucatan) is an outstanding dish; other favorites include carne asada, chile verde, and chicken tamales.

Passionate and headstrong, Merida defies her mother’s traditional expectations to chart her course and take control of her destiny. A master archer and swordswoman, Merida loves racing across the spectacular Highland countryside on her Clydesdale horse, Angus. However, Merida remains playful towards Harris, Hubert, and Hamish (her three younger triplet brothers).

Merida enjoys everything natural, from her unruly hair to the trees and rivers surrounding her home. She possesses extensive expertise in herbal medicine and loves exploring its potential cures.

3. Yogurt & Flavors

Yogurt has quickly become a refrigerator mainstay worldwide, providing endless flavor and texture options. Traditional favorites such as strawberry and peach remain favorites among dairy consumers, but inventive combinations and global palates have opened up a whole world of flavors in yogurt production.

Comax Flavors conducted a recent survey, which revealed that two-thirds of consumers use yogurt in sweet preparations, and almost as many use it in dips or dressings; its market continues to grow thanks to innovations in product formulation and the expansion of distribution channels.

Yogurts are traditionally made with milk and then enhanced with natural or artificial flavors to meet each manufacturer’s preferences. Unfortunately, some flavored yogurts may have higher sugar and calorie contents than non-fat and low-fat options and could contain rapidly digested starches with a high glycemic index.

4. Xocolatl

Mayans were famously fond of chocolate, while Aztecs took their appreciation of cocoa beans even further. They believed it came directly from god and would use cacao beans as currency – making chocolate their national beverage!

As their society did not cultivate sugar, their version of hot chocolate was bitter and spicy – however, it was prevalent among the upper classes, and even Montezuma II consumed several gallons daily as both a health tonic and aphrodisiac.

Xocolatl offers an impressive variety of chocolate drinks and mixes it with other flavors to create unique beverages. I sampled their signature concoction containing Chili, Vanilla, and Cinnamon and enjoyed its complex taste – perfect for children! They even offer vegan versions of this drink!