Precious Moments Learning Center

Precious Moments Learning Center

Precious Moments Learning Center offers children a preschool curriculum designed to prepare them for future academic studies and enrichment activities like yoga, music movement, and karate.

Parents will be informed if their child presents symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, or screening positive for it at Precious Moments Family Childcare and cannot enter. In such an instance, Precious Moments will refuse admission until this issue has been addressed and resolved.

Precious Moments Preschool is a Preschool in Sunnyvale

Precious Moments Early Learning Center strives to create an inviting, enriching, and nurturing early childhood learning environment where children can flourish socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Their nature-themed curriculum promotes exploration and discovery while encouraging multisensory play through multi-sensory outdoor play experiences.

This licensed child care center provides daycare services for up to 38 kids between 2 and 6 years. Their teachers are friendly and experienced professionals who know how to deal with various forms of behavior in children while having plenty of resources available to keep kids occupied with educational activities and entertained with fun activities.

Precious Moments provides more than fundamental skills instruction; we also offer extracurricular activities designed to prepare children for kindergarten and future academics – such as children’s show choir, gardening, dance classes, and gardening activities. Furthermore, Precious Moments teachers are passionate and dedicated to their student’s well-being and development and are always available to answer questions or offer guidance – making us an excellent choice for parents searching for high-quality learning environments for their kids.

It Provides Care for Kids Between 2 and 6 Years Old

Children spend each day participating in activities to support social and emotional development, such as play, exploration, and discovery. Each child is assigned to a teacher who will guide them through Personal, Language, and Cognitive development domains – these teachers are specially trained to provide activities that will promote creative thinking, language acquisition, and self-directed learning skills for optimal learning experience.

Throughout the year, children explore various scientific themes through hands-on lessons to engage all five senses. Our four-acre campus provides the ideal setting for this exploration, featuring ten playgrounds, an outdoor classroom, and a nature trail. Each lesson aims to foster creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking among its pupils.

All enrolled children (birth-5 years) are monitored for developmental progress using the Ages and Stages Questionnaires third edition, with this information shared with parents as needed for referral purposes.

Precious Moments Family Child Care provides a nonsmoking environment. If a parent knowingly damages any toys, furnishings, or equipment at Precious Moments Family Child Care through destructive behavior or rough play, they will be held financially liable. They may also face charges if smoking occurs on or around their premises.

Families must observe stringent drop-off and pickup procedures to maintain a safe environment. Parents are requested to wash their hands upon arriving and entering the building; items traveling between home and center, such as clothing or bedding, should be limited.

It Has Compassionate and Experienced Professionals

Precious Moments Learning Center has long been providing care and protection to children. Their staff is dedicated and understanding, offering gentle support when dealing with parents’ worries or helping children learn and progress. Furthermore, they possess all the appropriate educational qualifications and licenses required to provide young people an ideal and nurturing environment.

This center offers children a range of experiences that foster physical, social, and emotional development and promote independence and a sense of responsibility. They work hard to foster an atmosphere of love, learning, and safety for all their students – providing additional care before and after regular PreK hours through wraparound care services offered before/after regular PreK hours – making NM PreK programs accessible to all families!

It Has a Fun Environment

Precious Moments Learning Center is a childcare and educational facility dedicated to nurturing your child’s curiosity, imagination, creativity, and natural learning ability. Their warm environment offers safe learning spaces – ideal for parents looking for stability in an accessible learning space for their kids while still giving them development opportunities.

The nature-focused curriculum at Precious Moments Learning Center encourages students to explore science through all five senses. Furthermore, outdoor play and nature trails help connect children to nature, allowing them to develop a sense of wonder and joy that promotes independence and appropriate risk-taking behavior.

Precious Moments Learning Center’s staff is passionate about helping children develop self-control through positive verbal reinforcement, redirection, and timeout if necessary.