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Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers add a luxurious and graceful touch to outdoor hardscape projects. They capture guests while providing endless design possibilities with their variety of colors, shapes, and styles. The best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Gilbert.

Paver patios are durable and low-maintenance compared to concrete slabs. Should one paver crack, it can be easily replaced. Additionally, they feature smaller sand joints, which help limit weed growth.


Natural stone pavers stand out due to their incredible longevity. Having been around for centuries or millennia means they have endured heavy foot traffic as well as extreme climate conditions, such as freezing winter temperatures or heat waves that cause other paving materials to expand and contract over time.

Stone pavers are hardier and more resistant to damage than their concrete counterparts due to the material’s naturally varying hues and textures, helping them resist abrasions and scratches that mark or discolor other paving materials like concrete. Furthermore, their slip-resistant properties mean natural slabs don’t require additional treatments, such as surface treatments, to add slip resistance – saving both money and effort when choosing stone as your paver material!

Natural stone pavers may cost more than concrete products initially, but their durability will save homeowners money over time in terms of repair and maintenance expenses. Plus, there is a selection of stones to suit every budget.

Unilock’s porcelain paving tiles provide stunning aesthetics at a more cost-effective price point. They replicate traditional stone pavers through unique colorations and surface textures that are hard to tell apart from real ones.


Natural stone pavers are an aesthetically pleasing, high-performing, and cost-effective choice to help meet the aesthetic, performance, and cost goals of any hardscape project. From driveways and patios to sidewalks and pool decks, they add character and durability to your backyard living space with unique designs that stand the test of time.

Natural stone paving offers an abundance of colors to meet the aesthetic preferences of homeowners and designers alike. Ranging from slate to sandstone, natural stone can create various looks while matching multiple architectural styles. Certain hues are more resistant to staining than others, depending on surface characteristics, while depending on surface needs, they may require sealing to keep them looking their best.

Mother Nature is a masterful designer, and her intricate patterns of speckles, swirls, tints, and markings give each natural stone paver its own distinct character. When installing irregular pavers with Aura Natural Landscapes’s Irregular Flagging products, you can use these features to create designs reminiscent of patterns found elsewhere in nature—and do it ten times faster!

No matter your outdoor living needs – from hosting dinner parties on an exquisite patio to enjoying fireside relaxation time in an inviting fire pit area – Aura Natural Landscapes has natural stone pavers that will transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Low Maintenance

When selecting hardscape materials, both aesthetics and durability must be considered. Our clients at Buytilesandmore often ask us which materials can withstand weathering and daily wear and tear. Natural stone pavers offer lasting beauty while being resilient against wear and tear.

Natural stone pavers offer homeowners an alternative to concrete that’s less susceptible to oil leaks and chemical spills that damage its surface. Plus, no regular resealing is required—an attractive feature when seeking low-maintenance paving options for their driveway or backyard.

Utilizing natural pavers in your landscaping will increase its value as potential homebuyers will recognize that you invested in and cared for their maintenance, making your home more appealing and encouraging them to place offers.

Natural stone pavers offer another environmental advantage over concrete pavement: water can pass freely through them, helping maintain underground water supplies and replenishing aquifers more readily than with concrete pavers. Furthermore, their longevity means less material needs to be produced or replaced over time compared with their concrete counterparts.


Natural stone pavers make for a stunning paving solution, boasting earthy tones to enhance any landscape’s aesthetics. Not only are these stones visually appealing, but they’re heat resistant, have low maintenance requirements, and abrasion resistance as well. Plus, their moisture-resistant construction helps prevent mold growth for added peace of mind in outdoor spaces!

Homeowners looking to install a hardscape want it to reflect their style and taste, which means choosing materials wisely is of utmost importance for this project. Buytilesandmore provides numerous materials that are sure to meet any design vision while staying within any budget.

Homeowners looking for tropical or majestic looks may prefer light beige sandstone for their patio or dark ebony granite for their driveway. They can use either stone to define or create artistic arrangements. Furthermore, natural stone pavers will never fade or dull over time like their concrete counterparts.

As natural stone pavers come directly from the earth, their environmental sustainability surpasses that of concrete paving options. Furthermore, natural stone doesn’t require as much processing, and this helps lower its carbon footprint, making it an excellent green paving choice.