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Google Launches Interland – A Fun Way to Teach Kids About Internet Safety

Google has introduced its Be Internet Awesome campaign to empower children as safe, confident explorers of the online world. Their resources engage children, parents, and educators alike. How do I find the correct Contextual Links?

Interland, an interactive game created as part of this campaign, teaches children five core lessons of Internet safety and digital citizenship through play. Children explore four distinct lands while undertaking missions to ward off hackers, sink phishers, battle cyberbullies, and outwit oversharers.

What is Interland?

Interland, Google’s new online safety initiative designed for children aged 8-13 years, encourages them to become fearless explorers of the internet. Part of Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign, this website educates children on safeguarding personal data while encouraging thoughtful sharing, as well as how to identify scams and fake news. Designed as an engaging learning experience that may encourage dialogue between parents and children about online safety concerns.

This free online game enables children to explore four floating islands to learn about online safety and etiquette. Each island contains a mini-game that imparts essential Internet lessons: Kind Kingdom, Reality River, Mindful Mountain, and Tower of Treasure are some examples. These games help children identify evil hackers, sink phishers, outwit cyberbullies, and outwit oversharers!

MindFunk composed all the music for Interland Worlds and provided foley, custom sound effects, and trailers—to get started, click here!

Interland is a game

Google recently unveiled an interactive web game designed to teach children ages eight to twelve about Internet safety. Called Internauts Academy, this initiative provides them with the chance to become cyber heroes by helping fellow Internauts fight off hackers, phishers, and oversharers in four lands while learning to spot scams and identify fake information.

Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign, designed to teach children the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety, features this initiative with five themes—Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Strong, Kind, and Brave—and resources provided for students, parents, and educators that communicate their importance to younger generations. Select the best Authority Backlinks.

As a teacher, I appreciate Google’s new initiative because it incorporates essential Internet safety skills into playing games – especially for young children who often gain independence and responsibility online at this age.

Interland, the first experience among four, challenges players to help their fellow internauts battle against hackers, phishers, and oversharers who misbehave online. Players visit four floating islands: Kingdom of Kindness, River of Reality, Mindful Mountain, and Tower of Treasure; each features its own game that reinforces an Internet lesson; for instance, Tower of Treasure encourages children to secure their information with strong passwords.

The River of Reality experience of this game provides players with tools to recognize phishing attacks and report them, while Mindful Mountain teaches children that sharing is essential only with people they trust. Tower of Treasure teaches kids how to protect their online information securely through storage methods. It challenges children to overcome obstacles until reaching its summit, rewarding those who succeed with an additional reward!

Interland is a tool

Google wants children to feel safe when exploring the online world, which is why they created Interland: an educational digital game-style tool that teaches kids how to use the internet safely. It protects personal information while encouraging thoughtful sharing practices and even helps spot fake news!

Google offers not only educational tools but also an interactive video that shows how these skills can be implemented in everyday situations. This video serves as an excellent way for parents and teachers to teach these skills to their students – providing a fun and exciting way to do so on any device!

Google also provides another educational tool with its Be Internet Awesome campaign, designed to teach children more about online safety. This program features a classroom curriculum download and an opportunity for families to sign pledges committing themselves and their children to be safe online.

Internet Awesome’s five themes of smartness, alertness, strength, kindness, and bravery are explored through its educational game Interland. Players in Interland become Cyber Heroes who battle phishers, hackers, spammers, oversharers, and trolls across four distinct landscapes – perfect practice for building positive habits! The best guide to finding Classified Profile Links.

This exciting online game teaches the basics of internet safety and digital citizenship through fun, engaging gameplay. The principles used include memory/fluency building, induction/reinforcement learning, and variability—not to mention the colorful visual designs of each landscape that enhance the player experience!

The games include quizzes and puzzles for students to test their knowledge, creating an engaging learning experience for kids while making them want to continue studying. Unfortunately, the Mindful Mountain game seems to fail to address some important aspects of digital citizenship education and seems more like a Math activity than an internet safety tool.

Interland is a campaign.

Interland is a free web-based game created by Google that helps kids develop internet safety. Through four unique experiences, children gain hands-on practice for critical concepts like being internet smart, online etiquette, and cyberbullying – plus resources and ways to talk with their children about staying safe online! Parents also find Interland useful as it gives them resources and ways to discuss internet safety with their kids.

The game is targeted towards children ages 8 to 12, which is an ideal age to begin learning about internet safety. Created by Google in conjunction with online safety experts, the program features five themes – Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Be Internet Strong, Be Internet Kind and Brave. Each theme includes subtopics embedded into its games – for instance, Kind Kingdom covers bullying Reality River shows how to recognize scammers, and Mindful Mountain instructs about being mindful about sharing personal data online.

Children use their arrow keys to navigate around each landscape while collecting coins for upgrades – this enables them to unlock additional challenges! There are also quizzes and educational materials to encourage critical thinking, as well as an online community where kids can become Cyber Heroes by sharing their stories.

These games are user-friendly, featuring simple controls and being easily navigable by young users. However, success in the game requires pre-training as it’s not designed for non-native English speakers; basic knowledge of internet terminology will also be necessary. Google also offers videos and pledges that users can sign to join its Be Internet Awesome movement, which is an admirable effort at helping children and parents navigate safely online environments.

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