awesome tanks 2 unblocked

Fire up Your Engines: Dive into the Action with Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked Today!

It would be a fantastic idea to play Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked if you have an affinity for intense tank battles. This game will surely test your skills in playing fast-paced action games while controlling your own tank and going through different types of terrains.

The idea of battling powerful enemy tanks will surely be intriguing without fail. Here, we have mentioned a comprehensive review of Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked that will surely capture your interest. It is for sure that this game will keep you engrossed for hours together.

While playing the game mentioned here, you need to apply lots of skills and strategies. Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked was developed by Andrey Kovalishin, and it has captured the hearts of millions of gamers across the globe. The spectacular graphics, intuitive controls, and challenging action will bring out the best of you as a gamer.

Why is Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked unique?

Upgrade system

There is an opportunity for you to upgrade the abilities of your tank while you progress deep into the game. These types of upgrades matter a lot when it comes to your success while playing Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked. Make sure to accomplish the different levels of the game and receive coins as well. It will assist you in enhancing the firepower, speed, and armor of your tank.

awesome tanks 2 unblocked
awesome tanks 2 unblocked

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Different types of challenging levels

Different types of levels are provided by this game, and you will face some unique challenges in each of these levels. You need to improvise and implement strategies that will allow you to overcome these challenges to win against your rivals.

Different types of weapons

Different types of weapons will also be provided by this particular game intended for the gamers. One can gain access to machine guns, as well as explosive shells among all the different types of weapons available here. Here, we would like to advise you to try different types of weapons to find out which one is working for you.

Multiplayer mode

This mode is considered to be one of the most notable features provided by the game. Here, you can play with your buddies or other gaming enthusiasts from across the globe. The multiplayer mode requires remarkable coordination skills on your part while taking part in intense battles.

How to play

Below, we have mentioned some effective ways to play Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked that will be useful to you.

It’ll be a sensible idea to master the controls of the game before thinking of playing it. The most important thing is that these controls are rather simple and not complicated by any means. In this way, you will be able to concentrate on the game without getting overwhelmed. Here, we have mentioned the fundamental controls that will be useful to you:

  • Arrow keys – These keys can be used for maneuvering your tank while playing the game.
  • Mouse – Make sure to move the mouse cursor to play the game according to your liking.
  • Spacebar – This particular key can be used to pause the game as and when you like.
  • Left Mouse Button – This key can be used for firing the weapon of your tank.

Gameplay mechanics.

Movement and positioning

The arrow keys can be used to move your tank successfully while playing the game. Your success in this game will depend on how well you’re able to maneuver the tank.


While playing this game, your primary target will be to demolish enemy tanks to the best of your abilities. Furthermore, you should try your best to accomplish the different levels of the game as well. These targets comprise capturing the flags of the enemies, getting rid of the tanks of the enemies, as well as getting to a designated location.

Aiming and shooting

The cursor of the mouse has to be removed accordingly to target your enemies. Moreover, it is imperative to adjust the direction of the turret of your tank. The mouse has to be clicked to fire the weapon at your tank so that your enemies can be demolished. The turret will help you to take aim more accurately while following the movement of the mouse.

awesome tanks 2 unblocked
awesome tanks 2 unblocked

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Power-ups and weaponry

You will be facing power-ups while progressing in this game. Apart from this, you will also come across collectible upgrades. The primary use of these power-ups will be to improve the abilities of your tank temporarily, for example, enhanced defense or more damage. Apart from this, you will also be able to find out new weapons for your tank which will help you to play these games with more abilities. Your firepower will also be improved as well.

Demolishing the tanks of the enemies

While playing Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked you have to participate in intense battles with the tanks of the enemies. Here, you can emphasize the weak points of enemy tanks and make use of them. You will also receive coins while destroying these tanks, and these coins will help you to buy upgrades as well. Moreover, these can be used for unlocking new tanks too.

Game modes and features

Upgrade system

The upgrade system is considered to be amongst the most notable features of this game mentioned here. Here, you will be able to get currency while demolishing enemies and accomplishing levels. You can use this currency to upgrade the speed and firepower of your tank along with other attributes. In this way, players will be able to personalize the tanks according to their playing style.

Campaign mode

This mode can be thought to be the core of the game mentioned here. There are various levels in this mode that you need to overcome one by one. The most important thing is that you need to overcome lots of challenges here that will make this game interesting. Moreover, you will be curious to find out what is lying ahead of you.

Endless mode

The action is not going to stop after winning the campaign. There is an endless mode provided by Awesome Tanks Unblocked that will make you play to your full potential against your enemies. In case you want to achieve high scores, the endless mode will be appropriate for you.

Personalization options

One of the most important things while playing this game will be the various customization options available to you. Your tanks can be personalized according to your preferences which will enable you to become successful against your enemies. This can be done with different types of decals and paint jobs.

Essential tips to play this game

Use cover

You need to face various obstacles while playing this game, as already mentioned earlier. These will come in the form of rocks and walls. Apart from making the battlefield realistic, it will likewise provide you with some advantages. Here, it is important to bear in mind that a properly placed wall can play a significant role in enabling you to win this game.

Comprehend the art of power-ups

As already mentioned, power-ups will enable you to become successful in Awesome Tanks Unblocked. This will provide you with some strategic advantages comprising enhanced firepower, improvements in speed, and health benefits. Make use of them to overcome your rivals in challenging circumstances.

Provide priority to enemy targets

While playing this game, you can be confused because of too much chaos. But, it’ll be advisable to keep cool and provide priority to your targets more than anything else. It is of prime importance to detect top-notch enemies and demolish them. While doing this, you will be able to reduce your threats while enhancing your possibilities of winning.

Upgrade in a sensible way

Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked will provide you with an upgrade system providing you with an extensive range of possibilities. However, you must not go on upgrading without giving any thought. This can prevent you from progressing further into the game eventually.

On the other hand, it’ll be advisable for you to upgrade the attributes to match your style of playing. For example, it’ll be a sensible idea to upgrade speed in case you like to go for a more destructive approach. Using your resources sensibly will allow you to dominate the battlefield for sure.

awesome tanks 2 unblocked
awesome tanks 2 unblocked

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Adapt to various environments

Different types of landscapes will come in your path while progressing through this campaign, and you have to overcome various challenges while doing so. Your primary ambition will be to be adaptable in order to survive. Your strategies have to be adjusted accordingly, irrespective of whether you are going through wide-open areas or tight corridors.


Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked is undoubtedly an interesting experience for the majority of the gaming enthusiasts out there. One can find it difficult to ignore the diverse levels and multiplayer modes in this game. So, if you happen to be an experienced gamer, make sure to play Awesome Tanks 2 Unblocked without fail.