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Entangle 5e Spell Guide: Full User Guide & Examples

Entangle 5e Spell Guide: Full User Guide & Examples The world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is a vast and magical realm, filled with a plethora of spells that can shape the course of any adventure. Among these spells, “Entangle” stands out as a powerful and versatile option for spellcasters. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Entangle spell, exploring its mechanics, applications, and providing examples to help both new and experienced players make the most of this enchanting ability.

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Understanding the Basics

Entangle is a spell that falls under the school of conjuration, allowing spellcasters to manipulate the forces of nature to hinder their foes. When you cast Entangle, plants in the area come to life, growing and entwining around creatures, impeding their movement and restraining them.

Casting the Spell

To cast Entangle, a spellcaster uses an action and expends a spell slot of 1st level or higher. The spell’s range is 90 feet, making it effective for controlling the battlefield from a distance. The area of effect is a 20-foot square, centered on a point within range, making careful positioning crucial for maximum impact.

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Saving Throw

Creatures within the area must succeed on a Strength saving throw or become restrained by the entangling plants. The restrained condition not only reduces a creature’s speed to 0 but also imposes disadvantage on its attack rolls and gives other attackers advantage. The Strength save DC is determined by the spellcaster’s spellcasting ability.

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Strategic Use of Entangle

Entangle is more than just a means of restricting enemy movement; it is a strategic tool that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Controlling the Battlefield

One of the primary uses of Entangle is to control the battlefield. By strategically placing the spell’s area of effect, you can block enemy paths, create chokepoints, and limit the mobility of dangerous foes. This is particularly useful for protecting your party’s ranged attackers or controlling the movement of powerful enemies.

Setting Up Combos

Entangle synergizes well with other spells and abilities. Combining it with area-of-effect damage spells can create devastating combinations, as restrained creatures are more susceptible to attacks. Additionally, rogues and other characters who rely on sneak attacks benefit greatly from the advantage granted by Entangle.

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Protecting the Party

When facing a horde of enemies or a particularly dangerous foe, casting Entangle can provide a buffer of safety for your party. Restrained enemies struggle to close the distance, giving your frontline defenders more time to engage or allowing your spellcasters to maintain a safe distance.

Examples of Entangle in Action

To better understand the practical applications of Entangle, let’s explore a few examples:

Example 1: The Ambush

Imagine your party is navigating a dense forest, and you spot a group of hostile creatures closing in. Sensing danger, you cast Entangle in a strategic location, ensnaring the creatures and giving your party a chance to prepare for the impending ambush.

Example 2: The Dragon’s Lair

Facing a formidable dragon in its lair, you use Entangle to limit the dragon’s aerial mobility. The restrained condition hampers the dragon’s ability to fly, making it an easier target for your party’s ranged attacks and reducing the threat it poses from the air.

Example 3: The Horde of Undead

Confronted by a horde of undead, you cast Entangle to slow their advance. The restrained condition makes it difficult for the undead to reach your party, allowing your spellcasters to unleash devastating area-of-effect spells and your melee fighters to engage the enemies more effectively.

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The Entangle spell is a valuable asset in the arsenal of any spellcaster, offering strategic control of the battlefield and numerous tactical advantages. Whether you’re a druid attuned to nature or a wizard wielding the forces of the arcane, mastering the art of Entangle can elevate your prowess in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Experiment with different scenarios, coordinate with your party, and watch as the entwining magic of Entangle becomes a game-changer in your adventures.