CWRU's Smart Cart App

CWRU’s Smart Cart App

Cartsmart is a shopping app that syncs with your grocery list to automatically check off items as you add them. Plus, its touchscreen interface makes finding what you need easier!

These carts include built-in scales and cameras to track products – similar technology found at Amazon’s Go stores.

These carts are currently undergoing field trials at two Wegmans Food Markets locations and provide grocery grocers with an easy, plug-and-play checkout alternative that doesn’t necessitate store retrofit or operational overhaul.


CWRU Purchasing uses the Smart Cart App as a powerful tool to purchase products and services from contracted vendors. Users have two ways of accessing this resource: Punch Out to SmartCART using central contract pricing or submit a Requisition from PeopleSoft Financials. In either instance, their Requisition will be matched against one or more vendor catalogs and sent for fulfillment by the vendor.

The application provides users with a straightforward shopping list that reflects where they shop and features that help track purchases and earn cash rebates on participating groceries. Its straightforward interface makes managing shopping lists and saving time easier, making this an indispensable resource for responsible brothers and publishers.

JW Cart is an easy and feature-rich Public Witnessing app designed to assist responsible brothers with keeping their sites, publishers, and reports organized and controlled. An Elder or Publisher App can be a fantastic way to manage the responsibilities associated with being an elder or publisher while sharing publication reports, videos, and experiences with other publishers. Available on both mobile devices and desktop computers and accessible anywhere with internet access, the Elder/Publishers App provides everything needed to manage elder responsibilities and share experiences among peers. JW Cart is free of charge to Metropolitan cart witnesses and Congregations members alike and offers the ability to create user accounts, which reduces paperwork by centralizing all information in one convenient place. JW Cart can meet the needs of large cart witnessing operations with hundreds of sites or publishers, or smaller operations with smaller congregations – either way, it provides the perfect solution to meet them all!


Cartsmart is an app designed to help shoppers organize and streamline their shopping lists and save time during trips while keeping an eye on inventory and stock levels. Available for Android and iOS devices with competitive pricing based on volume and data usage, featuring a straightforward user experience as well as multiple languages support, plus easy returns organization through their cloud server storage – plus they have access to their inventory history anytime, anywhere; including features like a barcode scanner.

While the coronavirus pandemic has spurred increased retail interest in programs that allow shoppers to bypass checkout lines, innovative cart companies face challenges. Technology can be costly; customers may not appreciate being subjected to unfamiliar changes to an old cart they already use regularly.

Israeli firm Tracxpoint announced a deal with Italian retailer Conad Del Tirreno last December and, this year, has signed on with an East Coast retail chain, says Gal Gavrieli of Tracxpoint’s customer growth manager team. They’ve also worked on deals in Russia, Scandinavia, and South America, but travel restrictions prevent deployment in grocery stores abroad – Gavrieli added.

Veeve, another Seattle startup, is expanding its checkout-free shopping cart technology to big box retailers by introducing its intelligent cart attachment. This device fits on top of regular carts and features a built-in display facing shoppers, sensors inside for sensors, and a payment system that enables shoppers to avoid checkout lines.

Veeve’s technology detects and scans items as they’re added to a shopping cart, keeping a running total on display. If an item wasn’t correctly scanned, Veeve alerts shoppers before checkout using their cart to rescan before checkout – experts believe this reduces theft that forced grocery chains like Wegmans to terminate essential scan-and-go apps during the pandemic.

Veeve charges a monthly software-as-a-service fee per cart and plans to run advertisements on its screens, according to Siddiqui. The 15-person startup has raised $5 million from investors, including Seattle’s Flying Fish Partners; two pilot projects at grocery stores are underway, as well as plans for testing its new carts as a means for workers to collect online orders.


CartSmart is an all-in-one shopping cart solution with many features designed to help your store achieve optimal performance and allows integration with additional apps from the Shopify App Store that provide other functionality and value. Installing this feature is simple – visit its page and click “Install App.” Then follow its instructions for configuring it and beginning using it!

Once your Smart Cart is live and available for customers to shop with, go back into its admin settings and toggle “Publish Cart” on. Your cart will now be active for customers to purchase with you – should you ever need to switch it, switch between carts without suffering any loss in data or products.

JW Cart is an effective public witnessing organizer app designed for easy use by responsible brothers to manage sites, publishers, reports, scheduling, and communication more efficiently. It makes keeping track of publications accessible while sharing experiences and reactions among publishers – the program has already been implemented into particular congregations and metropolitans and will likely soon expand further.


If you are having problems with the app, don’t hesitate to reach out for support from their support team. They will offer step-by-step guides on resolving them, assist in upgrading to the latest version if necessary, and answer any queries regarding its functionality.

Smart Cart’s accelerated checkout provides a simple solution for streamlining and optimizing customer experiences during their shopping experience. Customers can save their email address, credit card info, and shipping/billing information to complete checkout more efficiently – this can reduce cart abandonment rates while improving conversion rates – even supporting local pickup/delivery options!

Smart Cart’s “Continue Shopping” button enables customers to navigate to the product or category page they were browsing before adding items to their carts. This feature can benefit customers who may be uncertain whether to complete checkout immediately or who wish to review their order further in greater depth.

Brilliant Cart footer text allows you to display terms and conditions or other important information. HTML support enables you to include both text and images; additionally, it allows a checkbox that requires customers to agree before proceeding to checkout.

Tier Progress Bars can effectively incentivize free shipping and drive customer lifetime value (LTV). Within the Smart Cart, you can configure numerous variables regarding the shipping bar, such as how many products must be purchased to qualify for free shipping and what text will appear when it is not complete.

Smart Cart’s other features can also help improve customer experiences on your website, such as configuring a custom URL for the cart page and choosing whether visitors click the “Checkout” button, which is taken directly back to the homepage or cart page when they click. Furthermore, using dropdown to select semantic heading levels of Smart Cart title titles helps assistive technologies understand the structure of your site more quickly.