downlight vs spotlight

Choosing Outdoor Downlights

Downlights are an ideal way to illuminate outdoor spaces. They can be used to highlight patio areas or illuminate pathways. To keep them working correctly and prevent overheating and short-circuiting issues, ensure that overgrown vegetation and leaves do not block any access points for these lights. Check out the Best info about downlight vs spotlight.

Moonlighting can also create an elegant effect by fastening lights to tree tops to produce a drizzling impact on the ground below, which looks particularly striking around patios or swimming pools.

FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire gives landscape lighting professionals the tools they need to succeed. Their free online education system offers architects or designers clear, concise information while installers receive product choices and well-detailed installation methods required for success. Landscape lighting professionals using FX Luminaire tools can install confidently, troubleshoot quickly, conserve electricity consumption effectively, and sell with assurance.

FX Luminaire’s VE downlighting fixtures create the right atmosphere in seating areas and focal points. Choose from various fixture finishes to find the one that matches the desired effect of your project; perforated sleeves add an appealing decorative effect, while energy-efficient lighting options offer energy-saving illumination.

Alliance offers an expansive collection of outdoor downlights and low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures. Their LED bulbs are rated to last 50,000 hours for energy efficiency during all four seasons, giving a long-lasting glow that provides beauty in gazebos, pergolas, and decks alike. Alliance also provides lifetime warranties on feature housing, making their products suitable for gazebos, pergolas, and patios.

FX Luminaire’s Luxor lighting control is the most advanced low-voltage landscape lighting transformer available today, featuring integrated zoning, dimming, and color filter control features for effortless garden or patio illumination. Change its appearance instantly at any moment! Additionally, this system allows you to adapt lights according to seasons by altering their color filter settings.


Kichler offers various landscape lighting solutions suitable for decks, patios, gardens, ponds, and water features – perfect for decks, patios, gardens, ponds, and water features alike. Their functional yet attractive solutions let you enjoy your home at night while maintaining privacy and security – plus, they’re long-term investments that provide energy savings through energy conservation!

For optimal lighting in any outdoor space, select wall-mounted sconces that match any architectural style, post lights that illuminate walkways and steps while adding classic charm, or chandeliers like Oak Trail Outdoor Chandelier that bring elegance and refinement.

An outdoor fixture with a textured black finish, such as the Northland outdoor pendant from Illuminations USA, is the ideal finishing touch to any coastal-inspired home, such as its classic Brushed Nickel finish or weathered powder Coat finish. In addition, Illuminations USA also has several fixtures suitable for coastal designs, like the Ryler LED 3000K 12″ ceiling light, which features a weathered powder Coat finish with classic brushed brass trim.

With such an assortment of colors, there’s sure to be one that fits the aesthetic and feel of your home’s exterior. Kichler’s Design Pro LED landscape lights use 75% less electricity than conventional fixtures – saving both money and the planet simultaneously!

Brilliance LED

Brilliance LED outdoor downlights are ideal for highlighting unique landscaping features like trees and shrubs or for spotlighting the eaves of a pavilion. Available in an array of shapes, sizes, wattages, and lumens to meet every landscape design need, they’re also excellent replacement security lights; though, as they are typically mounted 20-30ft high, the installation process often requires professional expertise who are experienced working safely on ladders.

These lights are constructed from durable materials, making them suitable for rough environments or areas with heavy traffic. Furthermore, they’re safe for illuminating UV-sensitive materials or objects without emitting infrared heat, making them a fantastic option for commercial and industrial uses.

EP Jansen provides various Brilliance LED products, such as directional lights and recessed downlights, made from high-quality materials manufactured in America. Available in an assortment of colors, styles, and finishes to meet the aesthetic needs of any space; energy-efficient with reduced maintenance requirements than traditional bulbs – we invite you to contact us today about these outstanding lighting fixtures or request a quote – our team is always more than happy to assist!


WAC stands for “Washington Administrative Code.” It refers to the body of rules and regulations that govern Washington state. WAC is published by the Washington State Office of Code Reviser, responsible for editing and publishing its final copy of this code.

WAC offers an expansive selection of outdoor lighting fixtures, including downlights. These lights are designed to illuminate your landscape with a soft moonlight glow while being mounted above dining areas, seating, or focal points in your landscape. Available in various sizes, colors, and LED lamp options to meet any specific need – they also boast moisture-tight construction with weep holes allowing excess water to escape!

Downlights differ from uplights by shining downward, creating an effect similar to natural sunlight from the sun and moon. Downlights can be installed anywhere within your landscape, such as trees, building sidings, eaves, gutters, or gazebos, and some homeowners prefer downlights due to their more discreet appearance than uplights.

FX Luminaire’s VE outdoor downlighting fixture boasts an attractive long, narrow cylinder shape to produce a mesmerizing moonlight effect in any landscape. These recessed luminaires come with various powder coat colors, finishes, and mounting options that complement architectural styles within spaces, such as perforated or standard sleeves for customized looks and energy-saving LED lamps that create energy-saving illumination.

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