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Blacktop Driveway Contractors

Blacktop is an increasingly popular material for driveways, parking lots, and residential pathways. Compared to asphalt pavement, blacktop features higher percentages of crushed stone that must be heated to higher temperatures before application. The best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Oceanside.

Homeowners may be tempted to install their blacktops themselves, but professional contractors offer more efficient solutions and ensure top-quality results.


Cost factors that influence blacktop driveway installation vary significantly based on material, labor, and any additional equipment or materials needed for the job, including material, labor costs, and geographical location. Nationally, blacktop installation averages $4854, though costs can range anywhere between $3,109 to $7,082.

When comparing costs between different paving materials, it’s essential to take all available options into account. For instance, homeowners have several choices for driveway paving materials: hot mix and recycled asphalt are both popular choices for homeowners; the former comprises a heated mixture of sand, gravel, and stone held together by asphalt cement and heated at high temperatures; this type of blacktop often costs between $100-200 per ton – typically enough for an average driveway of between 7.5-15 tons of blacktop – making your decision an informed one.

Porous asphalt offers another solution. Its micropores allow liquid and air to pass through easily, allowing water to drain back into the ground instead of pooling in your driveway, potentially eliminating costly drainage improvements and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, porous blacktops require significantly less upkeep than conventional blacktops and provide a more natural appearance in your home than standard pavement; they also need less repair from vehicles and weather than their traditional counterparts. But please keep in mind that routine maintenance remains necessary.


Blacktop driveway contractors assemble your new or renovated driveway by using a combination of small-stone aggregate and liquid asphalt (with optional additives for strength, flexibility, and water resistance) to produce its surface. Although you could purchase these materials individually and attempt the installation yourself, hiring professional services ensures a level surface that lasts years longer.

Prior to beginning construction of a blacktop driveway, contractors will typically prepare the site by clearing away debris, brushing surface dirt off, compacting soil, and compacting layers of geotextile fabric that prevent silt from clogging the gravel below from becoming compacted by compaction of soil layers.

Gravel driveways are one of the least expensive ways to create an aesthetically pleasing driveway and can come in various colors to meet your aesthetic preferences. Your contractor may use crushed limestone, river gravel with pieces between 1 and 2 inches in diameter, or even both for your project – depending on where it will be installed in your community, for optimal results. It is best to choose an indigenous material.

Homeowners seeking extra protection often opt for previous asphalt surfaces, which allow soil beneath to absorb rainwater instead of redirecting it into gutters, thus reducing flooding and erosion risk. Unfortunately, however, this form of pavement requires a more complex base installation procedure than standard asphalt and should not be installed in high-traffic areas or places that experience frequent snowfall.


Blacktop driveways are a popular choice, offering various benefits, including durability, affordability, and an appealing finish. Unfortunately, blacktop projects often incur an exorbitant initial price tag; fortunately, there are ways for homeowners to reduce this initial expense while still reaping all its rewards.

Before beginning the installation of a blacktop driveway, the first step must be preparing the area. This involves clearing away existing grass, plants, and rocks before leveling the surface with a leveler and installing edging to shape the space as required. After soil preparation has taken place, a layer of asphalt base (composed usually of recycled concrete blend aggregate 2-6 inches thick and compacted into place) will be laid and compacted over it.

Now comes the fun part—laying blacktop! A professional will use a steamroller to ensure an even spread and the proper thickness. Please keep in mind that temperature may affect this process, so professionals prefer laying on a blacktop during warmer days.

DIY driveway installation can be expensive and time-consuming, making hiring a pro well worth your while. Most homeowners do not possess the necessary tools, such as jackhammers or steamrollers, to make this task simpler—purchasing or renting them would quickly drain your budget! Furthermore, doing it yourself often results in mistakes that compromise the driveway’s lifespan over time.


Asphalt driveways can last for decades with proper care yet crack over time. Regular maintenance will help your asphalt stay looking its best for longer by filling small cracks as soon as they appear and sealing its surface every few years. A cold-set patching material should also be applied where depressions, holes, or potholes exist as soon as they seem; additionally, it should always be thoroughly cleaned prior to applying sealant or sealers.

Should you accidentally spill gasoline, oil, or any other chemicals onto your driveway, they could damage asphalt over time and lead to further degradation. In case any liquid spills happen accidentally, use absorbent materials immediately for cleanup and emergency repair efforts.

Maintaining your driveway will increase its value and appeal, both of which will serve to add significant appeal to your property. A great way to do this is to hire professional blacktop driveway contractors; Thumbtack provides prospective customers with an efficient platform for finding local contractors while providing transparent reviews about past service experiences.

Your driveway is the first thing people see when entering or leaving your home, so its condition should be impeccable. Blacktop Unlimited will ensure that your driveway remains well-kept to extend its life and increase the value of your home.